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At NSUC, we seek an environment of stewardship where members are inspired to contribute their knowledge and special skills. Members are asked to extend themselves, to serve, and to be enlightened managers of both personal and congregational resources. 

We volunteer our time and talents to enrich the life of the church. We also help those in need in surrounding communities and do so with sensitivity to the environment and the larger world around us. 

To support the church and our good works, members make a financial commitment, or pledge, each year, knowing that the church has a budget for staff and program expenses – obligations that we must all share. By attracting financial assets to our endowment fund, we invest this money on a long-term basis and use it judiciously to enrich the vitality of the church.

We view stewardship as much more than fundraising. Authentic stewardship is the nurturing and the growing of one’s heartfelt desire to serve.

The Mission Covenant of NSUC is “to encourage an individual and collaborative search for spiritual and religious truths, to nurture the lives of those who join us, to value the interdependent web that supports life, and to sustain and transform our living tradition.”

Stewardship, therefore, seeks a culture of joyful giving in which members discover – and live out -- a personalized sense of generosity. You’ll find NSUC a friendly place that promotes inter-connections -- to renew the spirit and move us toward meaningful service to others.