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Heart and Hand


Click Here to View the 2013 Heart and Hand Auction Catalog!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

5:30 – 9:30 pm


The Amish are known for their strong sense of community and service. This year, Heart & Hand will echo the Amish tradition of resourcefulness by staging our own Barn Raising, where we can accomplish amazing things in one eventful, purposeful evening. Events leading up to this gala night of fun and fundraising require the hearts and hands of each and every member of our community.  So come along, join in and get involved in the journey!

An Evening of Fun and Fellowship

Heart & Hand is NSUC’s biggest social event of the year and we want everyone to come. Tickets are $15 each. The evening includes an upscale Covered Dish Dinner, with Amish Chicken, Hearty Beef Stew, and a delicious vegetarian entree provided by your hosts. This will be enjoyed alongside favorite appetizers, salads, vegetable dishes and desserts provided by you and fellow guests (you need only to bring one dish – please sign up for the category of your choice). What follows will be an evening of lively Music, two fabulous Auctions (one Silent, one Live), a Cake Walk (yum!), a Build-A-Quilt Raffle Drawing (the winner will receive a $500 American Express gift card), and our popular restaurant board (currently called “The Feeding Trough”), where you can purchase gift certificates from your favorite restaurants. Last year, this event was a sell-out! Later, you can partake in some lively dancing – square dancing and reel dancing – no prior experience necessary!


Beverage-wise, we are providing soft drinks, beer and ice. If wine is your preference, please bring your own bottles, to share or not, helping us keep our budget to a minimum. We look forward to seeing you on November 16.

What We Need From You

Your Heart & Hand Committee has been working hard to obtain donations, plan the event, and get things off the ground! We are sure this will be a night to remember.  Please roll up your sleeves, and get ready to help – we are asking for your assistance to help make this night a success. Don’t be shy; sign up in as many categories as you wish.


Host a party!*

One of the many wonderful things about Heart & Hand is the opportunity to get to know other people through the parties that are auctioned off and hosted throughout the year by members of the congregation. Many people attend Heart & Hand just to round out their social calendars. No kidding, these parties rock! Elegant, delicious, creative or fun, there is a party or event for everyone’s taste and pocketbook.  Some parties are so memorable, they become annual events due to popular demand. Just as often, someone hosts a new theme or idea, and it becomes an immediate favorite. If you have never hosted a party, consider doing so this year! Here are some fun ideas to tickle your creative juices:

  • Tacky Christmas Sweater party                                  •     Groundhog Day party
  • Flavors of  the World party                                          Full Moon party
  • Name That Tune party                                                   •     Dinosaur party (for kids)

Donate Something!*

Who do you know?

  • A chef that you could ask to hold a cooking class in someone’s home?
  • Someone with sports season tickets?
  • Someone with extra tickets to an awesome upcoming event?

What can you do?

  • Give someone 6 guitar lessons?
  • Be a designated driver for an evening?
  • Take someone river rafting?

 If you are interested in donating a party or service to be featured in a silent or live auction, please click here to download Auction Donation Form

*Donation forms are used for parties as well as other types of donations. We use them to create our catalog and track donations. They are available online, in the office, or at the Heart & Hand table after services.


Buy or Sell Raffle Tickets!
Help us “Build-A-Quilt” with our Barn-Raising Raffle! This year’s prize is a $500 American Express gift card, just in time for the holidays. The tickets are $20 each (or 6 for $100) and we will only be selling 160 of them.  We are selling the tickets in-house, but also to friends outside the church. Buy some for yourself, and while you’re at it, sell some tickets to your friends and family to help us reach our 160-ticket goal. Remember, if you can’t join us for dinner, buying a raffle ticket will support our cause in your absence.


Ask a restaurant for a gift certificate!

It may seem a little daunting to ask a restaurant for a donation, but we make it easy for you. First, if you’re already eating there, especially if it’s a place you frequent, chances are the manager will be happy to give you a gift certificate. Second, we can provide you with a letter of introduction and a tax form to hand to the manager while you ask for the donation.  This often can break the ice if you feel nervous. Providing gift certificates to nonprofits helps eating establishments as well—it markets their restaurant to new customers.  Don’t be afraid to ask – it’s easier than you think! Envelopes containing letters of introduction and tax forms are ready and available to you at the Heart & Hand table after services, or can be picked up any time in the church office.


Showcase Your Baking Skills!

Bake a cake for Heart & Hand! Do you bake a favorite cake or other delightful goody that consistently garners praise and admiration? It’s time to share that wealth, and bake for a cause!  Our Cake Walk will be one of the evening’s highlights. You bake a cake (or pie or other yummy confection). Someone buys a chance to walk away with a delicious treat. It’s played like musical chairs, and everyone who buys a ticket wins! It’s also fun to watch.  Sign up to donate a cake. Gluten free and nut free offerings are welcome!  Your donation will “take the cake” and help us raise money! The number of tickets offered will depend on how many baked goodies are donated.


Please help us get ready in time by respecting these deadlines:

Donation Deadline (parties and other donations) – November 5

Restaurant Donation Deadline – November 12

Dinner Ticket Deadline – November 12

Raffle Ticket Sales – November 16 or when 160 tickets have been sold


The Heart & Hand Committee cannot accept donations of used items.

Of course, the Heart and Hand Committee is always interested in hearing your ideas, would love your help, and could use a few extra donations of your dinner parties, services, and fun items. Please contact Christina Meyers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions or comments!

If you are interested in donating a party or service to be featured in a silent or live auction, please click here to download Auction Donation Form