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Making a Gift

Gifts to the Trust Fund may be designated by the donor as unrestrictedor restricted. Unrestricted gifts are made without specifying how the funds are to be used. A restricted gift is made for a specific reason, such as for the purchase of equipment, furnishings, improvement of the buildings or grounds, or for a defined program. 

Donors may name the NSUC Trust Fund as a beneficiary of an annuity or retirement asset, such as an IRA or a 401(k) plan. Other gifts may be left to the Trust Fund as part of an estate plan. Since some gifts may have tax consequences, those interested in giving to the Trust Fund may wish to explore the potential benefits of a gift with a financial advisor. The Trustees would also be pleased to discuss how your gift to the Trust Fund would benefit you and our church.

Each fall the Trust Fund serves as the vehicle for members and friends to make a gift in memory of a loved one or departed friend.

Why Give?

A donation to the Trust Fund can serve a donor in two ways. First, it enables you to play an important role in enhancing the future of the North Shore Unitarian Church. Second, it may provide a tax deduction that reduces taxable income now or in the future. For example, donations of appreciated shares of stock or mutual funds with capital gains may be tax deductible at their fair market value, thus avoiding tax on appreciation.

The Endowment Principle

The Trust Fund invests money according to an investment policy that calls for a long-term investment horizon, with the allocation of investments to various asset classes -- stocks, bonds, cash, etc. The Trust Fund determines a prudent amount to be available for spending on worthy projects each year. This amount, called the Annual Allocation, is currently set at 5% of the rolling 3-year-average unrestricted asset balance of the Fund.