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Trustees consider projects for funding after receiving a Grant Application, which asks for a description of the project or need -- what, when, where, and how the money will be used, plus an explanation of how the project will benefit NSUC. Applications are encouraged and can be submitted any time, but the deadline is April 30 of a fiscal year. Trustees seek feedback on applications from relevant NUSC committees or the Board.

Past Grants Made:
FY01 Church signage
FY02 Architect's fees
FY03 Feasibility study for building project
FY04 Fused glass window repair 
Music concert
     Membership coordinator 

Hymnal purchase
    Projection equipment
    Capital Campaign 

Capital Campaign
    Speakers and projector
    Microphone and speaker dolly 
Tablecloths for special events
Website design and development 
The current Trustees welcome your interest or questions. To contact current trustees, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..