History of the North Shore Unitarian Church
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History of North Shore Unitarian Church


Formed in 1953 by fewer than a dozen members of the Evanston Unitarian Church, the North Shore Unitarian Church has grown to become a vibrant center for Unitarian Universalist worship, thought and activity.  

By 1956, we had a church school and a charter and had called the Reverend Russell Bletzer to serve as the first full time minister. Reverend Bletzer was our minister from 1956 until 1979. By 1965 a full time director of religious education was appointed, and now more than 200 children participate in an exciting program of spiritual learning and growth.  

The church has continued to grow. The congregation is now involved with a myriad of rich endeavors, including Music and Choral performances; an active Social Action network that serves the local community providing volunteers and resources for those in need; strong Covenant Groups; Book Clubs; Movie Nights; and, a host of other inspiring and meaningful activities.

The Story of the Fused Glass Windows

Sometimes … when reaching for the stars wonderful things happen.

In preparing some words for a brief eulogy to be made at Adrien Rinquette's Memorial Service next Saturday, I pondered this for you. Today's membership and leadership seems so similar to the leadership's dreams and visions spawning our concepts and design for the people of the North Shore Unitarian Church. There is much similarity in understanding and questioning human existence relative to the cosmos, evolution and history. The Search for Truth is the Truth still persists ... as we talked about today. You may find some value to NSUC in the various stories and movies we created for and with Bob Gregory, especially ...

The Story





You know the reasons why the following links were launched to our web site describing the Fused Glass Windows and the Sculptured Fused Glass Wall of the North Shore Unitarian Church in Deerfield, Illinois at  http://www.dirsmithgroup.com/f_0dirset.htm . This link will immediately bring you to the revolving Intro where you can click on and view any of the 7 segments including The Movie. There is an interesting link to Hugh Hefner described in The Story segment. You may also simply click on these individual segments on our site.

You may require the latest version of Flash to view the Intro on our web site, http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html which can be downloaded free if you do not have this on your computers. You should have the latest Quicktime, http://www.apple.com/quicktime/ (also free) to get the best movie resolution on your screens. Once you have looked these over let us talk.


The Story


The Movie



http://www.dirsmithgroup.com/FGW/Lascaux.htm * This is a fascinating historical link.



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