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North Shore Unitarian Church


We have a dedicated and involved membership of approximately 450 people who share a commitment to creating a friendly and caring church community. Our members come from diverse religious backgrounds, and others have been lifelong members of the Unitarian Universalist church.



North Shore Unitarian Church is a diverse community dedicated to supporting a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We seek spiritual growth, commit to social action, and strive always to care for one another.



North Shore Unitarian Church members will:

  • Work collaboratively to expand:
    • Membership, with special effort to increase diversity, young adults and members with families
    • Pastoral care, both ministerial and congregational
    • Community outreach, to make NSUC better known in the wider community
    • Social action opportunities, including collaboration with other institutions
  • Support a community covenant based on caring and acceptance that includes:
    • Active expressions of our UU principles
    • Leaders who function at all times in a respectful and collaborative manner
    • Intergenerational activities
    • Diverse volunteer programs and social activities
  • Promote worship that is relevant, inspiring and intellectually stimulating
  • Enhance adult and youth educational opportunities