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Some Basic Information regarding Religious Education


Some Basic Information regarding Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) and Sunday Service at North Shore Unitarian Church (NSUC) start at 10:00AM on Sundays during the church year. The RE program is offered from the second Sunday after Opening Sunday (first Sunday after Labor Day) through mid-May (last RE class is “Affirmation Sunday”). During the summer services no RE is offered, however the Nursery is open during summer services for the youngest of our children.

Our Religious Education Program is offered from Nursery through twelfth grade, and classes meet from 10:00-11:10AM. All teachers are volunteers. Nursery opens at 9:45AM and closes at 12:15PM. Additional RE programs, such as Jr. Choir and Our Whole Life (OWL), meet either before or after RE class time.

Unitarian Universalists have a long history of supporting and welcoming children with special needs. Please contact our Director of Religious Education to discuss your family’s circumstances and your child’s need and how we can work together to provide a welcoming and safe environment and RE experience for everyone.

If you are a first time visitor, we suggest you arrive by 9:45AM and check in with our Sunday Assistants in the RE Wing. If you are visiting during the summer months, please see one of our Greeters by the Sanctuary. They will assist you with information, answer questions and provide you with a “First Time Visitor” form, a RE Registration Form
 and or a RE brochure. Visitors can attend up to three times/year before registration is required. To ensure your child / youth feels welcome, we would like to have the opportunity to introduce them to their teachers prior to class. If you have specific questions, please see the Director of Religious Education (DRE). It is recommended you contact the DRE in advance to discuss any specific circumstances or special needs.

RE Registration is on-going throughout the year. The annual RE Registration Fee is $50 per registered child/youth with a cap of $150 per family. In addition, there is an annual $10 Snack Fee per registered child/youth. For information about scholarships, please contact the Director of Religious Education.

RE students either start in the sanctuary or in their classrooms. Students starting in the sanctuary are welcome to sit with their families or with their friends. They participate in the opening words, chalice lightning, and Story For All Ages before they proceed to their classroom. An RE schedule is posted by the RE Information Table and lists which classroom your child / youth will be attending.After class the students join the adults for snacks, beverages, coffee and social time in Fellowship Hall. A nut-free table with snacks is provided.Once a month one RE class (students, teachers and parents) will host the coffee hour.

Sunday is our busy day in RE and to ensure we can give the extra time you want, please contact us in advance. You can contact Carolynn Haug, Chair of the Religious Education Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or concerns.