North Shore Unitarian Church
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Upcoming Sundays at NSUC

November 2, 2014

Rev. Dr. Marlene Walker 

"For All the Souls: Universalism For Our Time"
We are Unitarian and Universalist. Universalism is half of our roots and theology and has a particular saving message that speaks to us clearly in these times we live. Come find out what that is. 


11/9          “Our UU Pilgrimage”        
Spiritual and religious life is often about journey and pilgrimage.  What is Pilgrimage like for UU’s? What is there to support and guide us on our UU journeys. Individual congregations are a big part of that and so is our wider UU faith through the UUA. Come and learn about how the UUA and its wealth of resources can be a guide for all of us on our journey.
11/16     "Thoreau – Our Hapless Prophet"
Henry David Thoreau was considered a failure by nearly everyone who knew him. Not only that, his town had a ditty describing him as a “thoreaughly disagreeable fellow.” Awkward, unpleasant, unattractive – who would have predicted the man we revere today for his contributions to literature and the natural and engineering sciences? As we head into the holiday season, when you find yourself “celebrating” with people you don't like or don't understand, consider who may be the unrecognized “Thoreau” in the room.  And while you are at it, maybe this is a good time of year to leaf through Walden once again, as a refuge from shopping circulars. 
Guest Speaker: Laura Emerson grew up on the North Shore, but with her husband, Bryan, has moved to a two room, off-road, off-grid log cabin north of Anchorage, AK. She visits here every fall. For more information about our speaker and her low carbon lifestyle, visit:
11/23      “Thanksgiving Celebration”              
This is our Annual Multigenerational Thanksgiving Celebration and Communion Service.  The Children’s Choir will sing, we will set a table of Thanksgiving, reflect on what it means to give thanks and break bread together in communion.
11/30       First Sunday of Advent 



Our Upcoming Sunday Service Leaders will be:

November 2 – Nancy Napalo 

November 9 – Georgeen Carson

November 16 – Judy Rogin

November 30 – Gayle Fankhauser

December 7 – Polly Hansen





After 21 years of service, our congregation said goodbye to Rev. Gary James on June 30, 2013. During the 2013-2014 church year, we welcomed several visiting UU ministers, on regular rotating basis who will offered us a variety of perspectives. We have an interim minister for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 years, Rev. Dr. Marlene Walker and will have a settled minister beginning August 2016. The search process for the settled minister will begin approximately January, 2015.