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Upcoming Sundays at NSUC

July 27, 2014

Pat Corrigan

"Science and UUism: Proceed with Caution"


UUs are fascinated by the rational but it still surprises me to

hear research studies cited during Sunday sermons.  “According to a recent finding in the American Journal of Scientific Fact…” In this service, I unpack benefits and limitations of the research enterprise as one of the Western world’s dominant ways of knowing.  This is meant to be a grassroots consideration of research methods from the vantage of a practicing scientist and UU.  I will try to avoid the dry and erudite, instead sharing with you my passion for understanding some of the questions of life through rigorous methods and analysis.

Patrick Corrigan is distinguished professor of psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he directs the Center on Adherence and Self-Determination (CASD) a collaboration among researchers from more than a dozen universities including Yale, Penn, Dartmouth, Temple, Rutgers, and NYU.  



August 3, 2014

Marguerite McClelland

"The Case for God"


As a God-leaning agnostic, I admit to hopes of immortality.  Still, in my braver moments, when I have considered all the big bangs of science and resigned myself to the proposition that I am no more than an ant in the grand scheme of things, I come to this ........

Marguerite McClelland has been a member of NSUC for 32 years and has presented many services on a variety of topics.  She serves on the Worship Art Committee.



August 10, 2014

Mui Baltrunas

"The Ten Perfections"


These Buddhist teachings are probably the most useful for bringing the path of awakening into everyday life and can be developed in any situation—with your family at home, at the office, as you're driving, as you're meditating.  Unlike material wealth, status, or relationships, which place your happiness out of your control, these qualities of he mind put it within your control. 

Mui Baltrunas took formal refuge and bhikkhu ordination as a Theravada monk in Thailand in 1971.  In 1976 he received a doctorate in Buddhist Studies. Later, he took ordination as a Dharma Teacher, studied Soto Zen, Tendai, Tibetan Buddhism and Vietnamese Zen. He is currently the Spiritual and Executive Director of the Hongaku Jodo Compassionate Lotus Tradition and the Director of Buddhist Education for the Hongaku Institute for Buddhist Studies. He is the author of many online courses on Buddhism, and has presented over 300 talks, workshops and retreats in the Chicago area and internationally. 



August 17, 2014

Lenny Xavier

"The Case for Humility"


Humility gets no respect.  This stellar virtue, which shaped Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela as great leaders, is a trait no politician or CEO today would care to be associated with.  Even the Catholic Church, while it pays lip service to humility, places it very low down in the hierarchy of virtues, classifying it as a mere expression of temperance. And yet, humility is the bedrock upon which we develop empathy, compassion, and an appreciation for the web of all existence.  Come join us as we pay homage to this humble, and much misunderstood virtue.

Lenny Xavier has been an NSUC member since 2001 and has presented several sermons at the rock in the past.  He was a theology student at Fordham University. He has degrees in English and Management. 



August 24, 2014

Polly Hansen

"The Inconvenience of Love"

"Neil deGrasse Tyson's The Cosmos series depicts the origin of humankind as developing in the last hours of the last day of the cosmic year. Seen in those terms, humankind is barely an infant. We are just beginning to evolve.  In terms of the evolution of all life in the universe, what if we are evolving right on schedule? What if our capacity to love is evolving into something unforeseen and greater than our wildest imaginations? What if our orientation to love is like a magnet's orientation to true north? What if our capacity to love, our desire to love and be known for our truest selves is what living is all about? What if the inconvenience of love, of being true to ourselves even when it hurts, is exactly what we're called to do?"


Polly Hansen has been a member of NSUC since 1991. She is married to Bill Hansen and has two children in their twenties who went through the RE program at NSUC.  Polly has held many positions at NSUC, from Council to RE and is our current summer music coordinator. She is a professional freelance flutist and private teacher and producer/writer of the nationally syndicated program Radio Health Journal heard on over 450 commercial radio stations across the United States, including several in the Chicago area.



August 31, 2014

Dan Roller

"Finding a Heart at Peace" 


What is a heart at peace? And how do we achieve it?  My life was filled with many riches, but I was a self-righteous cynic at war with the rest of the world until I stumbled into that unexpected path that I never guessed would lead to peace, a path of bigger commitments.  I had always thought peace meant avoiding big commitments, and I never realized how much this avoidance had contributed to my dissatisfaction and to having a heart at war. I share my story in the hope that it will help others find unexpected peace in their lives.

Dan Roller is a lifelong UU who finally figured out he was a UU in 2010.   He is married to Lynn and has two daughters, Amy and Julianne.  He has been the chair of the NSUC Membership Committee for the past year. Dan is a management consultant and has recently founded a firm to help urban school districts improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged kids.  He loves to play classical guitar. 



Our Upcoming Sunday Greeters will be:

7/6/14 Betty Horvath, Marge Howard

7/13/14 Joyce Bleier, Sybil Jones

7/20/14 Sheila Clements, Andrea Spitzer

7/27/14 Dan Roller, Toni Rey



After 21 years of service, our congregation said goodbye to Rev. Gary James on June 30, 2013. During the 2013-2014 church year, we welcome several visiting UU ministers, on regular rotating basis who will offer us a variety of perspectives. We will have an interim minister for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 years and a settled minister beginning August 2016. The search process for the settled minister will begin approximately January, 2015.