North Shore Unitarian Church
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Music Program

Music ProgramMusic plays an important role in the life of the North Shore Unitarian Church. It is central to the liturgy of Sunday worship services and is a vital element in many of the church’s social gatherings. The official music program consists of a quartet of professional singers, an adult choir, and a children's choir. Many talented musicians in the congregation, both professionals and dedicated amateurs, offer their services throughout the year.

Wayland Rogers has been Music Director of North Shore Unitarian Church since 1991, both conducting the choir and playing piano. His professional experiences as a singer, teacher, pianist, composer and conductor have served him well in bringing to the musical life of the church a broad range of styles, repertoire, performing artists, and programs. Read more about Wayland Rogers.

During the summer months, when the choirs and music director are on break, professional and amateur musicians present a wide variety of music.

Some of the Chicago area’s finest professional musicians are featured in a Concert Series given on Sunday afternoons.

Rosalind Lee and Wayland Rogers