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World Religion: 7th Grade

World Religion: 7th Grade

Offered at 10:00AM. Starts in the Classroom, expect for special services or site visits

Room 9

Being introduced to and gaining knowledge of the religions of the world is as imperative as understanding our own Unitarian Universalist faith. The program expose students to how faith and religious traditions are constructed and expressed by the major traditions of the world. Together with their teachers, students will visit different religious places of worship to explore, learn and experience the diversity of faith first hand. In addition, guest speakers are invited to the class which allow the students to ask questions in a more personal setting and to reflect over their own spiritual journey. The students participate in a team-building experience and work together on a project that is presented to their peers, teachers and parents.

We strive to provide our RE students with the tools to better understand the difference between religion and spirituality. We encourage them to examine religion and embrace the spiritual path of life’s awe as they build and become a part of a community. In the World Religion curriculum the students start to reflect and articulate their own thoughts and feelings on the subject as they prepare for the Affirmation class.