Holidays and Holy Days: Spirit Play III: 3rd Grade
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Holidays and Holy Days: Spirit Play III: Third Grade

Holidays and Holy Days: Spirit Play III: 3rd Grade

Offered at 10:00AM. Starts in the Sanctuary, expect for special classes.

Room 10

Holidays and Holy Days – the third Spirit Play program - is a Montessori-based program designed specifically for Unitarian Universalists.

It is a unique program which follows a set structure.  Our teachers attend a short training/orientation before starting to teach, and some of our SP teachers have also attended an extended SP training. The program encourages students to explore creatively, think independently, and develop a sense of ritual and sacred space. Spirit Play is a way of learning and experiencing spirituality in a meaningful setting where every aspect of the class is imbued with sacred significance.   

Through exploring the various celebrations and traditions of the world religions, children are introduced to the variety of beliefs, symbols, rituals, and stories as well as our history and values. Each lesson is connected to an aspect of our Unitarian Universalist faith.

For more information please see the brief 
Family’s Guide to Spirit Play (pdf)