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Toolbox of Faith: 4th Grade

Covenant: Fourth and Fifth Grade

Toolbox of Faith: 4th Grade

Offered at 10:00AM. Starts in the Sanctuary, expect for special classes.

Room 7

What do duct tape, a hardhat, sandpaper and a magnifying glass have to do with religious educa¬≠tion? They are some of the real tools that we will use in the Toolbox of Faith program as symbols of the tools we use as Unitarian Universalists. For example, we will use duct tape to reflect on being flexible in our faith; a hardhat to represent being re¬≠silient, and sandpaper to illustrate how to smooth out rough spots with humor. They will hear intriguing, thought-provoking stories about the important qualities of our faith and have discussions to reflect on how we can live our faith in our everyday lives.

Interspersed throughout the Toolbox of Faith lessons are stories that will enhance the overall theme of Toolbox of Faith.   The class will hear tales about such people as Charles Darwin, Sophia Fahs and Adin Ballou and how they embody UU principles. The Toolbox of Faith curriculum is a part of the Tapestry of Faith program from the UUA.