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Annual Canvass/Pledge

Annual Canvass / Pledge


Making an annual financial pledge is one of two bylaws requirements for church membership (the other is to sign the Membership Record Book). North Shore is a self sustaining congregation with the majority of its income coming from members and other congregants who faithfully participate in the life of the church. Members make annual financial pledges to support the church’s operating budget, which enables North Shore to live out its mission.

Annual Pledging Is Important

As a group covenanted together into a church, a finan- cially healthy church is the responsibility of all members. For this church  to live on for those who will come after us, we must care for North Shore today and  keep it strong.

Members play a decisive role in the church’s ability to live out its mission. Annual pledges made by members and participants account for 72% of our operating budget.

Since each congregant is at a different place financially, we ask everyone to seriously consider making a “liberal tithe” of 5% of their income to North Shore and to volunteer their time to North Shore.

For many congregants a pledge of 5% can be easily reached or surpassed. For others, such a goal may be diffi- cult. If so, consider making an initial pledge of 2%–3% and increase it as your circumstances permit. If you can afford to pledge more, you will help others who are un- able to do so.

A suggested giving guide is included in this kit as a guide to help you in determining the amount of your pledge; however the amount of your pledge is up to you.

Generosity is a Spiritual Practice

One of the truths shared by all of the world’s great relig- ions is that generosity is central to a healthy spiritual life. Our faith calls us to welcome the stranger at the door, to share our resources with others in need and to care for our planet. As you think about your pledge consider:

•When we give generously, it changes us personally. We expand our views about who we are, the abundance in our lives and how we grow by sharing with others.

•Giving generously allows us to realize important spiri- tual goals, such as life-long religious education and work- ing for spiritual justice.

•Practicing generosity with others in the church commu- nity brings us together in new and more committed ways as a community.

As Unitarian Universalists each congregation governs itself. There is no centralized authority that supports us financially, nor does it tell us what to do or what to be- lieve. Each UU congregation is self sustaining and our primary source of financial support comes from our mem- bers and other participants.

Members Renew Their Pledges Annually

In accordance with church bylaws “all members must reaffirm their membership annually by making a financial contribution to the church.”

The pledge you make upon joining North Shore is for the remainder of the current fiscal year ending June 31st.

Then each subsequent spring,  as part of the church’s Annual Pledge Drive, you will be asked, along with all other congregants, to make a new financial pledge for the next fiscal year.

This year, it will take an average household contribution of $2,297 to sustain the church at its current level ($191 per month). Contributions include pledges, as well as participation in Heart & Hand, and Art Fair. Consider what would you expect to pay for a health club membership or to dine in a good restaurant? Surely North Shore exercises your mind and feeds your soul and spirit. What is its value to you? Will the amount of your pledge make a meaningful difference in your daily life?

You May Use Automatic Withdrawal for Your Monthly Pledge Payment

…or Use Your Credit or Debit Card

When you complete your Pledge Form, please consider using Automatic Withdrawal from your checking ac- count. For Automatic Withdrawal, simply submit a voided check with your Pledge Form, and fill our the ACH Sign Up Sheet. Since there is no fee for this transaction—and it saves time in our Accounting Department—more of your dollar goes to work for the church with this method of payment.

Or, you may use your credit or debit card number (please note that almost 3% of all credit cardtransactions goes to the bank, and not to the church).

You may also write a check weekly, monthly or annually.

IMPORTANT: So that we can keep an accurate record of your annual pledge, please submit each pledge contri- bution clearly labeled with your name. Cash placed in the weekly offering basket is impossible for us to appropri- ately credit.

If you have questions about your pledge, please call the Business Administrator at the church office, (847) 235-1957, during normal business hours.

  • Members may pledge individually, or as households or family units. The choice is up to you.
  • The other enrollment forms in this kit must be com- pleted by each individual who wishes to join.

Monthly Pledging Guideline for Members:

Here are some examples using your household income, which show giving categories stated on a monthly basis.

Please note that these are only a guideline to help you assess your giving potential.

      The Visionary is a “Liberal Tithe” of 5% of your annual income.

      The Sustainer is 3% to 4% of your annual income.

      The Supporter is 2% of your annual income.

Annual Income     Visionary (5%)     Sustainer (3% to 4%)  Supporter (2%)


146 per month

87–117 per month

58 per month